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Un portrait de Tred’si, exemple inspirant en développement durable

Jetez un coup d’œil à la parution avril-mai 2018 de la revue Industrie & Commerce. On y trouve un article détaillant l’engagement en développement durable de Tred’si, entreprise de récupération de bois traité basée à Westbury, qu’ADDERE Service-conseil accompagne depuis 2014.

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Un peu d’histoire. Gary Anderson et le design au service de l’environnement.

Selon Wikipedia (en anglais seulement) :

Recycling design competition

In 1970, the Container Corporation of America (CCA) released a poster that was widely distributed to colleges and universities in the United States. Under the direction of Walter Paepcke, the CCA had established itself as a leader in corporate graphics and design. The poster advertised a competition to design a graphic symbol which would be used on recycled paper products and which could recognize a commitment to environmental sensitivity on the part of any manufacture who was engaged in recycling. The winning symbol would be given over to the public domain. The competition was also to honor the first Earth Day, which was held that same year.
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